Thoughts to an Empty Room

I want peace. Peace of the outer world where people are able to speak kindly, listen with open hearts, and act with compassion. Peace of the inner variety where I am okay and know I will survive whatever is placed in my path. Peace knowing I’ve done my best, have left no intentionally hurtful marks, have loved fully, laughed often and enriched the lives around me.

Just little things, really.

Roasting Emily

Authors’ notes: This story was written in collaboration with James R. Tickit. It’s meant to be uploaded to Literotica, but thought I’d do a dry run here and see if I can get some feedback from my friends. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

I readied myself while I waited for James. A shower, a mist of a body spray that smelled of strawberries and vanilla, a little trimming and plucking and a razor to my long legs. I was surprisingly calm, considering this would be my first time with a man in years. He’d made his appreciation clear, though, and had already seen most of it. I smoothed on cocoa butter lotion and pulled a red silk kimono around my shoulders. I knew his penchant for lingerie, but I wasn’t in the mood to please him. I was in the mood to come. I found two long silk scarves and left them over the back of the settee. Just in case, I thought with a little thrill.

When I opened the door he stood across the threshold, dressed as I’d requested, his cheeks and neck pink from a fresh shave. I didn’t think I shared with him how much I enjoy the softness of a man’s face, when the rest of him can be hard or coarse… something about the juxtaposition… not only that, I had a predilection for paying special attention with lips and tongue to his throat and neck. My pulse heightened at the very thought, and I knew he saw my nipples snap to attention through the red patterned silk. I dropped my arms and pushed my chest out slightly. I wanted him to see.

“You smell lovely,” he said when I motioned him through.

I smiled, “Thank you.”

We went to the living room, and I sat on the couch, He stood watching me, and there was a moment of uncertain silence. I was very aroused. I couldn’t tell if he was or not. He finally said, “You’re driving. You have to tell me what you want. What you need.”

I smiled again. I was excited and uncomfortable. This was very new. “But you know what I need.”

“I do. Generally.”

I gave him a wicked grin. I let the kimono fall open slightly, and planted one bare foot on the edge of the coffee table. “I want to hear you moan and groan, James,” I said.

He looked at me, taking in my apparent need. Standing to one side, he grabbed the sash of the kimono. I swiftly found it wrapped about my right wrist, pulled tight behind my back and secured to my left; as he worked it pressed my body against his… I breathed in his clean scent and aftershave. He pushed me down on the couch and the kimono, loosed, fell open. I was on display for him.

He sat on the coffee table. He slowly, teasingly undid the buttons of his shirt. I followed every move. He took his shirt off. He was furry, and I giggled. His lips twitched in spite of the scowl he gave me, and I stifled myself. He kicked off his soft shoes.

He stood and pulled my body towards him so my face came into his crotch. He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zip, pushing them a little way down his hips. He’d acknowledged my request for commando so the jeans had rubbed his cock into overdrive. He left it so the helmet was showing and directed me to it. I stuck out my tongue and licked. He unzipped a bit more, pushing himself out to meet my mouth. I took it with a verve surprising even to myself.

I began to suck as he inched himself forward, getting a bit more into my mouth and down my throat. He splayed his feet on the couch so he was pressing down onto my face, I sucked a little harder.. He grabbed both nipples, One in each hand, squeezing hard. I gasped and moaned around his thick cock, working my tongue along his shaft and pressing him into my palate. More squeezing from him, more sucking from me. As he neared climax, he grabbed my hair and started to face fuck me, a nice steady pushing down my throat, pulling back to brush the tip past my lips and pushing down again. My eyes watered, but I relaxed and took him; all of him.

His balls contracted and he shot his load down my throat without warning. His come kept coming, spurt after spurt that spoke to the height of his arousal. I swallowed most but a bit dribbled out over my chin and onto my breasts. He stepped down and ran a finger through it, giving it back to me to eat.

“Thank you, ma’am. That was fantastic. Now it’s my turn to suck you.” He grinned, then leaned down and kissed my lips.

Worry tinged my thoughts. I hadn’t told James everything. I had not told him about Dante.

The previous night I’d shared my fantasy with Dante of having James join us for our first time. His face clouded, darkened, his jaw clenched, but he sat and listened. I found myself captivated by his hand on the table, the fist clenching and unclenching, his dark eyes never leaving my face. He relaxed as we talked, his handsome face smoothing and softening, and when he realized I needed him to direct events for it to work, he became more open.

We’d done a lot of Skype time and watching each other had been tremendous. He suggested that if he agreed, there would be a camera in the room while James and I were together. Dante would be in the adjoining room watching. When he joined us, he’d have witnessed everything.

His fingers drummed the table top. “I’d rather just take you upstairs and fuck you right now,” he said softly. His gaze was intense.

I blushed.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Emily?” He was leaning in closer.

I cleared my throat. I would like that, very much. “This levels the playing field.”

He sat back and looked around the room. He was coiled. “I want you to be happy. Satisfied. I want to be the one to do it. It doesn’t matter to me that you’re… innocent.”

I snorted and grinned. “I’m not a virgin, Dante.”

He finally smiled. So difficult to get a smile out of this man, and it changed his face. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to fuck him. I thought I could fall for him, but he told me I couldn’t. “If this is what you want, it’s what you’ll have. It will not be easy for me, girl.”

I loved it when he called me girl. “You said you wanted to explore with me. That’s why we’re here.”

He acknowledged that with a nod. “I pictured you kissing another woman, though,” he said with a little light in his eye. Then it was gone. “Not watching another man defile you.”

“Hey. James is a friend. He wouldn’t defile me. Unless you tell him to.”

That got another soft smile from him. “When it’s over, Sweetie,” he was leaning in again. “You come home with me. And I will make you forget everything.” Then his mouth was on mine, and for a moment everything was forgotten.

My conscience pricked. I should have told James we were being watched. I think I’ve overstretched the bounds of friendship and wonder if he’ll be angry, if he’ll walk out. I also didn’t consider that now Dante gets to witness this mistake, my having to break the news to James.

Soon the moment of truth will arrive. Caught between two dominant and manipulative alpha males, and it is the most frightening and exhilarating moment of my life.

I reached to grab his shoulder before he disappeared between my substantial thighs. “James,” my eyes wandered to the laptop sitting open on the desk… he was watching. I felt a thrill. What was he thinking?

“Yes?” he looked at me expectantly.

“Dante is here.”

He raised his eyebrows and braced his hands on my thighs. “Here? For?”

He was well aware of my threesome fantasies, and I caught the wicked gleam in his eye. He also knew those fantasies took a very specific path, that I had to have the trust in and of all parties, that it couldn’t be random individuals. “He’s watching.”

His jaw dropped. “Now?!”

I nodded. Oh, he was angry. “Don’t be angry,James.”

“You should have told me.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

His fingers were teasing me, slipping around my clit… he’d spotted the open laptop and there was a nearly imperceptible shift of his body as he made certain the camera had a clear view before he rammed two fingers deep into my cunt. I cried out and my heart started to race. The intensity flared with the knowledge we were being watched. I threw a glance at the camera, then back to James… he indicated I should acknowledge Dante.

I did. Looked directly into it and smiled.

“Tell him to come in.”

My heart jumped. It was safer with him unseen. Or felt that way. “Are you sure?”

“I’ve already fucked your mouth before him. He’s not going to be happy. And I am getting increasingly un-happier myself.” He thrust roughly with his hand again, and I tensed and bit down on my lip. I wouldn’t let him know he was hurting me. Or arousing me. Or was it Dante I didn’t want to know? The sash had worked loose and I wriggled free of it. I looked at the camera and made a waving motion, which felt slightly ridiculous. I struggled to sit up, dislodging James’ hand.

The door opened. My heart did a little flip flop at the intensity darkening Dante’s face, drawing a deep furrow over his slightly crooked nose. I held out my hand and tried to smile. He swept the room, laid his hat on the desk, took in the sight of me, naked, with naked James and his equally dark look beside me. I felt James’ hand on my hip, fingers digging my flesh slightly. It was oddly comforting.

Dante finally walked to the settee, and I caught his eyes. I stood. “I told you about James,” I said to him. I stood back, waited to see who would offer a hand first.

James was smaller in stature but with a big presence. His white hair flew about his head in chaos, and his body was thick and strong… as was his cock. They were so different, these two. Dante was groomed, tall, with a slight paunch but confident posture. His white goatee was neatly trimmed, his khakis pressed to a razor crease.

They sized one another up like wolves. Hackles slightly raised. “Come on,” I coaxed.

Dante finally put out his hand. James took it. The handshake surpassed firm, being more a white knuckle test of strength and will.

I turned my back to James. This was a new dynamic. I wasn’t sure how to ‘be’ and felt unusually self aware. But I sensed the newcomer was the larger threat, the one to appease in this moment.

As my hands went to his belt buckle, I felt James’ hand on my waist. I pulled the zipper down, and pulled Dante’s semi-hard cock out, looking up and catching his eyes. He met my gaze after watching James’ touches for a second, then I felt his hand in my hair. First his touch was light, as though testing, then, as I felt James’ hands move toward my breasts, Dante’s fingers twisted and tightened in my hair. He offered me no opportunity to think, to react. While he yanked my face toward his hips, his other hand held and aimed his quickly-lengthening cock; he pulled my head back, forcing my eyes to his, then touched himself to my lips. I knew better than to tease. I opened obediently and held his gaze while beginning to suck and lick.

As he grew his grip in my hair tightened. Each time I looked up he was watching James. And James was pressing his impressive member against my bottom, rather insistently.

I took Dante down my throat just as I had James earlier; he was a bit easier to take, and thus more enjoyable for me. He thrust his hips into my face with one hand tightly in my hair and the other on my throat. Then James was filling my cunt. Fingering my clit while he fucked me. I was being pummeled from both sides, and my heart was racing with a mixture of fear and arousal. If James kept up another couple of minutes I would come, and the way he was hitting my g-spot, it would be messy. Would Dante like that? I caressed his delicious cock with my tongue, hoping it would push him over the edge to see me squirt over James’ cock. Or would it make him want to choke me with his?

The choice wasn’t left to me. James hit the magic number when he pressed his fingers hard over my clit and picked up speed… I moaned around Dante and crumpled… James pulled out enough that they could both see it happen. I must have released a cup of it, and it jetted over James’ cock and balls and ran down his legs.

I had Dante’s balls in my hand, and I felt the quiver and spasm as he started… the telltale tremble in the muscles of his thighs that I’d seen so many times over the webcam. I pulled him deeper, but steadying my head with his hand, he pulled out as the first jet exploded. He knew I hated having cum in my face. But he let it string across my cheek, barely missing my eye, before correcting and letting the rest hit my neck and shoulders and run down my breasts. I felt something hitting my back, and knew it was James… the thought was fleeting, but there; why didn’t either choose to come ‘in’ me?

My own orgasm left me drained, and I lay on the settee. I felt Dante’s roughened thumb scrub the string of cum from my cheek; then felt it on my lips and opened. I sucked his thumb into my mouth, tasting the bitter tang and the salt from his skin, then let my tongue caress him. He allowed it, and I felt his other hand stroking my hair. Then he spoke for the first time since entering the room. “I’m not done with you, girl,” he said softly.

He pulled his thumb from my mouth, then excused himself and went into the en suite. He came back out and handed something to James. He lowered himself onto the cushion next to me and pulled my head onto his naked lap so I was looking out into the room. The the warm cloth; James gently cleaning my back and chest, almost tenderly. “Everywhere,” Dante told him. The cloth was on my pussy. “Tease her,” Dante said softly, a slight tension creeping back into his voice. I wondered if James would comply. My brain wasn’t working very well.

He did.

Dante picked up the two scarves. He dragged them softly over my face, shoulder and back. “We need a bed.”

The Silk Tease

Hands tied with the scarf and held over my head; he has warned me it is my responsibility to keep them there, no matter what he does. If I fail our session is over and I won’t be permitted to come. The other scarf he has draped lightly over my breasts and stomach.  


He teases me with it, dragging it back and forth over my nipples and tickling my stomach; my nipples are aching. My pussy is aching. I involuntarily tighten my thighs around his body. He’s kneeling between them, and I can feel his heat but there is no contact.


The more he teases the tighter I grasp him. My legs are strong from years on horseback.


His mouth is on my nipples through the layer of silk. The teasing sensation is heightened. I utter a fuck, and my arms start to come down… he stops and glares at me from beneath his brows. I put them back, moaning.


The more he teases, the wetter I get. I want him to feel it. I suddenly scoot my body down until my cunt is pressed firmly and wetly against his belly, imagining how my juices must feel on his skin, how they are matting the fur on his body. I begin a grind to match his  ministrations on my breasts.


The silk is wet and cold from his mouth. I want to put my hands on his neck, feel the smooth skin of his cheeks, but I resist.


His hands replace the silk, and he runs them down my body onto my thighs. He eases them open telling me to relax. He’s kissing my stomach, moving lower. Teasing my soft mound with his tongue, his teeth. Biting, sucking, licking along those lips and inside my thighs… my hips are moving of their own accord, seeking that one contact I need.


His hands slide beneath my bottom. He sits back and looks at me. I tell him my arms are aching. “How long till I make you cum?” he wants to know. “How close are you?”


I know I could climax if he blew over my clit, but I want more. So I tell him, “Not long. Not long at all.”


His fat tongue starts at the bottom and he licks slowly, languidly up my slit. I know he’s not disappointed nor surprised at the flood he finds there… he licks upward, his tongue dipping into my cunt ever so slightly, and my thighs start to tremble; upward till he’s parting lips and folds, going deep, unhooding me… I gasp as it begins when he stops and lingers there. I know he’s feeling the throb of that little nub. He moves only slightly, the pressure being far more exquisite than any play,before beginning a soft suck… his fingers trace, then enter my pussy, and the pressure builds as he starts to fuck with his hand…


After the first orgasm he allows me to lower my arms. They are heavy and sore but I barely notice because he’s tongue and finger fucking me to another… and another. I finally reward him, soaking his chin and chest. He sits back and presses his open palm over me, allowing me to ride it to the end as I foggily wonder what could possibly be next…