A Word to our Sponsors

So this is Christmas. Or that’s what Lennon said. It snuck up on me again this year, because I swear it rolls around faster every time… are we absolutely certain they’re not shaving a few days off when we’re not looking?

I thought I’d take a moment to wish my readers all the best, no matter what you are or are not celebrating today. And also to extend my heartfelt thanks.

There are a few of you who take a moment to click on the ‘Tip Jar” button at the bottom of this page. I’ve almost removed it so many times, and I tend to just not scroll down, because it feels like I’m asking for something. I’m not big on asking for shit. Like to the point that, when I order food, I just get what’s on the menu. I don’t even say ‘hold the mustard’ even though I really wish they would. So having that button there, well, it’s asking.

But it’s not asking without giving something in return. That’s what I remind myself. I’m struggling, like everyone else, to make ends meet. And writing is what I do. I put it out there without any expectation of compensation, but when someone shows their appreciation and acknowledges the fact that I’m not salaried to write, that feels pretty good. It takes money to keep this site running. So when you ‘buy me a coffee’ it actually does help, and actually does mean that that week, I can afford to buy myself a coffee! And while I drink it, I’m probably turning the gears on a new idea to offer you.

So thank you, to all who offered their support, both financially and otherwise. It really means a lot to me. And I will continue doing my best to provide quality content that keeps you thinking and feeling.

A Merry Merry and a Happy Happy to everyone!